Anaerobic Biological Treatment

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Anaerobic treatment is a biological process ideally suited for the pretreatment of high-strength wastewaters that are typical of many industrial facilities. The anaerobic process utilizes naturally-occurring bacteria to break down biodegradable material in an industrial waste stream.

The anaerobic process is time-tested and does not require the purchase of special bacteria or nutrients. Because the bacteria are anaerobic they do not require oxygen like the organisms in an aerobic process. Reactors are enclosed or covered to prevent the introduction of air and the release of odors.

Anaerobic Biological Treatment
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  • Anaerobic treatment is ideal for pretreatment, pretreatment prior to aerobic treatment, and pretreatment of segregated waste streams.
  • Used for standalone pretreatment, an anaerobic system can be used as the sole biological component of a treatment system for wastewater discharged to a POTW.
  • Used prior to aerobic treatment, an anaerobic system can be very effective and economical for removing high concentrations of BOD and COD prior to final treatment by an aerobic process.
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