Condensate Polishing Unit

aquashakti - condensate polishing unit
Manufacturer Of Condensate Polishing Unit - Mix Bed System, EDI System (Electrode Ionization), Water Treatment Plant, Drinking Water Plant Supplier in Gujarat
Brand: aquashakti - condensate polishing unit
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Model: aquashakti - condensate polishing unit
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The Condensate Polishing Unit is used to remove corrosive impurities such as ´crud´. It is widely setup in super thermal power stations where it has the main objective of improving the boiler water quality. Some of the key benefits of the product include:

Condensate Polishing Unit

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Improvement in the quality of condensate and “cycle” clean up
Reduced blow down & make up requirements
Improvement in boiler water quality for drum type boilers
Quick start up and as a result, full load conditions are reached early giving economics
Orderly shutdown possible in case of condenser tube leak conditions
Improvement in quality of steam which results in enhanced turbine life

  Working of Condensate Polishing CPP

  • Removes TDS from Cooling Water ingress or from Make-Up Water
  • Removes Iron/ Copper Oxides to prevent Boiler Corrosion
  • Removes Silica from Make-Up water to prevent any deposition or corrosion in Turbine
  • Removes Weak Acids & Organics from Make-Up water or Boiler Additives
  • Reduces the consumption of Chemicals (Ammonia/ Ammine, etc.)
  • Reduces the Blow down Volume
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