Iron Removal Filter

aquashakti - iron removal filter
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Brand: aquashakti - iron removal filter
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Model: aquashakti - iron removal filter
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This Iron Removal Filter Cartridge contains the same media employed in many expensive iron water filtration systems. When the dissolved iron comes in contact with the manganese greensand media, it is rapidly oxidized, turning the ferrous iron into a ferric form which is then mechanically filtered and removed from the water.

When the iron water filter has reached the end of its service life, it is simply replaced with a new cartridge – there is no media to regenerate, no backwashing, no chemicals to worry about, etc.

Iron Removal Filter

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Moreover, our whole house iron water filter also rapidly oxidizes other common well water contaminants including manganese and hydrogen sulfide (hydrogen sulfide) which are often found in regions with elevated iron levels.

Hydrogen sulfide is typically responsible for the rotten egg or sulfur (sulfur) smell often found in well water. In most cases, this filter makes an excellent choice for removing the rotten egg odor/smell from well water.


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