Lamella Clarifier

aquashakti - lamella clarifier
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A lamella clarifier (also lamella separator, lamella thickener) is used to separate sediment able solid (sediment able particles) from liquids.

In general, particles larger than approx. 50µm (and of higher density than the liquid) can be separated by sedimentation. Particles of smaller size can be separated using coagulation aids.

Lamella Clarifier
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Our lamella clarifier can be manufactured from laboratory size to industrial dimensions. The casing is typically made of coated or stainless steel and the lamellas are made of propylene.

Clarifiers, the inclined parallel plate design, manufactured by Met-Chem is used as part of a wastewater treatment system for solids settling. They are constructed of carbon steel with coal tar epoxy lining on the inside, and epoxy coating on the exterior. The internal plate packs are set at 60 degrees for optimum settling and are constructed of a coal tar epoxy-coated steel shell with plastic plates.


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