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aquashakti - operation maintanace
Service Provider Of Operation and Maintenance - Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer ,Mineral Water Plant Offered By Aquashakti Water Solutions PVT. LTD. India
Brand: aquashakti - operation maintanace
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Model: aquashakti - operation maintanace
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In relation with contracts that may expand from a few months to 10 years, we operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants, whether or not we supply them, to enable municipal corporation to optimize their production costs associated with water and wastewater treatment, to ensure effective management of their assets, to respect the standards and regulations in effect for health safety, the environment and quality. This may cover:

  • Production of drinking water (well water, surface water)
  • Desalination (brackish water, sea water)
  • Urban & semi urban wastewater treatment
  • Re-use of de-polluted urban wastewater
  • Sludge recovery and treatment
  • Odour management
  • De-coloring system
  • Water balance calculation & management
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