Ozonization System

aquashakti - ozonization system
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter Of Ozonization System Based In Ahmedabad, Water Ozonization System, Gujarat, India
Brand: aquashakti - ozonization system
Manufacturer: ozonization system manufacturer, ozonization system manufacturer in ahmedabad, ozonization system manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - ozonization system
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For over 100 years, ozone has been known as the fastest, strongest and most natural disinfectant. It is 3000 times faster and 300 times stronger than chlorine, breaks down to oxygen, preserves healthy water minerals and has no consumables.

Ozonization System
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It took our proprietary ozone producing and mixing process to create a practical and profitable solution for thousands of gallons of the best tasting and safest water at a small cost and small footprint. We are proud to boast low-cost, low energy systems with unlimited adaptability to any flow rate and water application – 1000 Litres for less than .05 cents.

There is no other system as practical, dependable and adaptable to as many industries as Aquashakti Water Solution to insure the healthiest water from any source, anywhere, guaranteed.

  Why Ozonization ??

Ozone will reduce 99% or destroy: Bacteria, Giardia, Crypto, E.Coli, Coliforms, Cysts, Viruses, Iron, Manganese, Lead, Sulphur/H2S, Medications, Pesticides, Chemicals, Odours, Tastes, Algae, Turbidity, Colours, Mold and more…

Here are the Drawbacks of Other Water Treatments:


  • Large, expensive, slow flow, high maintenance costs
  • Removes 99% of important minerals and electrolytes
  • Membranes are a breeding ground for bacteria


  • 300 times weaker and 3000 times slower than ozone
  • Easily creates by-products (THM’s etc…) linked to disease
  • Slow, needs storage and is harmful to people and products


  • Requires pre-treated water in optimum condition
  • Does not screen out minerals, chemicals and/or organics
  • Constant maintenance and replacement of expensive lights
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