Bottling Plant

Bottling Plant

aquashakti - bottling plant
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Supplier Of Bottling Plant, Fully Automatic Bottling Plant, Mineral Water Plant, Bottling Plant Exporter In India
Brand: aquashakti - bottling plant
Manufacturer: bottling plant manufacturer, bottling plant manufacturer in ahmedabad, bottling plant manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - bottling plant
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Bottling Plant Fully Automatic & Semi Automatic


Bottling Plant

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Production Capacity 15BPM, 24 BPM, 30 BPM, 40 BPM, 60 BPM,90 BPM
Filling Capacity 200ml to 2000ml
Total Power Consumption 6KW to 15 KW
Machine Type Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic Rottary
Washing Stage 1 Stage washing (as per requirement)
Output Conveyer 8 Ft to 18 Ft.
Dimension 6.5 Feet x 6.5 Feet x 7 Feet (L x W x H)
Bottle Type PET Bottle only
Machine Weight 800 KG and Gross Weight of 1500 KG
Filling Tank 50 ltr to150 Ltr with Level Sensor
No Bottle No Rinsing & No Filling (Control by Sensor)
Cap Elevator Feeding Cap to the slide with Automatic
water softener

Water Softener

aquashakti - water softener
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Exporter Of Water Softener, Mineral Treatment Water Plant, Water Softener Suppliers In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Brand: aquashakti - water softener
Manufacturer: water softener plant manufacturer, water softener plant manufacturer in ahmedabad, water softener plant manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - water softener
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Water describe as “hard” contain high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Hard water can reduce equipment efficiency and life for industrial and commercial applications ranging from restaurants to boiler and cooling tower pretreatment. Problems related with hard water can be minimized by using a water softener which exchanges troublesome calcium and magnesium ions with sodium which is less soluble and does not precipitate out of solution to form scale.

Water Softener
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  Water Softeners

  • Pre-engineered systems
  • Vessel material options: Steel/epoxy lined, Stainless steel, FRP
  • Operational valve options:
    • Cast iron, bronze or Noryl bodied
    • Y-pattern diaphragm type and cast iron
    • Actuated butterfly valves
  • Electronic, Electro-mechanical and PLC control options
  • Non-code or ASME code vessel construction (ASME code softener)
  • Piping options: Galvanized steel, PVC, CPVC, Copper, Black carbon steel, Stainless steel
  • Skid mounting the unit is optional


  • Restaurants
  • Boiler Feed
  • Cooling Tower Make-Up
  • Air Conditioning Plant
  • Textile Processing
  • Beverage Production
  • Hospitals Laundries
lamella clarifier

Lamella Clarifier

aquashakti - lamella clarifier
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Supplier Of Lamella Clarifier, Lamella Clarifier System, Mineral Water Plant, Lamella Clarifier Exporters In India
Brand: aquashakti - lamella clarifier
Manufacturer: lamella clarifier manufacturer, lamella clarifier manufacturer in ahmedabad, lamella clarifier manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - lamella clarifier
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A lamella clarifier (also lamella separator, lamella thickener) is used to separate sediment able solid (sediment able particles) from liquids.

In general, particles larger than approx. 50µm (and of higher density than the liquid) can be separated by sedimentation. Particles of smaller size can be separated using coagulation aids.

Lamella Clarifier
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Our lamella clarifier can be manufactured from laboratory size to industrial dimensions. The casing is typically made of coated or stainless steel and the lamellas are made of propylene.

Clarifiers, the inclined parallel plate design, manufactured by Met-Chem is used as part of a wastewater treatment system for solids settling. They are constructed of carbon steel with coal tar epoxy lining on the inside, and epoxy coating on the exterior. The internal plate packs are set at 60 degrees for optimum settling and are constructed of a coal tar epoxy-coated steel shell with plastic plates.


aerobic biological treatment

Aerobic Biological Treatment

aquashakti - aerobic biological treatment
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Supplier Of Aerobic Biological Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Effluent Treatment Plant Exporter In India
Brand: aquashakti - aerobic biological treatment
Manufacturer: aerobic biological treatment manufacturer, aerobic biological treatment manufacturer in ahmedabad, aerobic biological treatment manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - aerobic biological treatment
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Industrial wastewater treatment plants are designed to meet differing purification demands, which relate specifically to the effluent to be treated. As a rule, the concentrations of organic and inorganic substances in industrial wastewater are considerably higher than those found in the municipal sector.

In the biological wastewater treatment segment, Aquashakti can supply both aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) processes and thus furnish optimum solutions for individual requirements. It is often the case that both processes are combined in order to achieve the highest possible purity levels in the treated wastewater.

Aerobic Biological Treatment
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anaerobic biological treatment

Anaerobic Biological Treatment

aquashakti - anaerobic biological treatment
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Exporter Of Anaerobic Biological Treatment Plant, Demineralized Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant Supplier, Ahmedabad
Brand: aquashakti - anaerobic biological treatment
Manufacturer: anaerobic biological treatment manufacturer, anaerobic biological treatment manufacturer in ahmedabad, anaerobic biological treatment manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - anaerobic biological treatment
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Anaerobic treatment is a biological process ideally suited for the pretreatment of high-strength wastewaters that are typical of many industrial facilities. The anaerobic process utilizes naturally-occurring bacteria to break down biodegradable material in an industrial waste stream.

The anaerobic process is time-tested and does not require the purchase of special bacteria or nutrients. Because the bacteria are anaerobic they do not require oxygen like the organisms in an aerobic process. Reactors are enclosed or covered to prevent the introduction of air and the release of odors.

Anaerobic Biological Treatment
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  • Anaerobic treatment is ideal for pretreatment, pretreatment prior to aerobic treatment, and pretreatment of segregated waste streams.
  • Used for standalone pretreatment, an anaerobic system can be used as the sole biological component of a treatment system for wastewater discharged to a POTW.
  • Used prior to aerobic treatment, an anaerobic system can be very effective and economical for removing high concentrations of BOD and COD prior to final treatment by an aerobic process.


aquashakti - clarifiers
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Supplier Of Clarifiers, Water Treatment Plant, Mineral Water Plant, Ro Plant, Clarifiers Exporters In Ahmedabad
Brand: aquashakti - clarifiers
Manufacturer: clarifiers manufacturers, clarifiers manufacturers in ahmedabad, clarifiers manufacturers in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - clarifiers
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Clarifiers separate solids from the liquid stream. In wastewater treatment the terms clarifier and sedimentation tank are synonymous. The purpose of the scraper mechanism mounted inside the tank, is to collect the settled solids for removal from the tank by pumping. In circular sedimentation tanks the clarifier mechanism has floor scrapers attached to a rotating arm scraping the sludge towards a central hopper or an overhead trough.

In rectangular clarifiers scrapers are carried along the tank bottom collecting the sludge into a trough or hopper at the influent end of the tank.

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Sedimentation tank scraper mechanisms may take different forms depending on whether the mechanisms are for primary, secondary or tertiary treatment. In circular clarification tanks the equipment may be of the peripheral drive type, fixed bridge or fixed half bridge (cage drive). In rectangular clarification tanks the mechanism may be of the chain and flight type or have scrapers and scum removal equipment suspended from a travelling bridge.

Circular settling tanks and clarifiers are generally preferred, as they require less maintenance, sludge removal is faster and higher removal efficiencies can be obtained. Rectangular tanks are predominantly used in very large treatment plants or in confined spaces, making maximum use of the area available.

Variations of the sedimentation tank scraper mechanism are also found in sludge thickeners and fermenters.



aquashakti - clariflocculator
We Are Leading Manufacturing Product Include Clariflocculator, Clariflocculator Supplier, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Exporters In India
Brand: aquashakti - clariflocculator
Manufacturer: clariflocculator manufacturer, clariflocculator manufacturer in ahmedabad, clariflocculator manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - clariflocculator
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Clariflocculator is a combination of flocculation and clarification in a single tank. It has two concentric tanks where inner tank serves as a flocculation basin and the outer tank serves as a clarifier. In the Clariflocculator, the water enters the flocculator, where the flocculating paddles enhance flocculation of the feed solids. As heavy particles settle to the bottom, the liquid flows radially upward in the clarifier zone,. The clarified liquid is discharged over a peripheral weir into the peripheral launder. The deposited sludge is raked to the bottom near the central weir from where it is routed to the sludge chamber and discharged.

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  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Primary Treatment in ETP
  • Heavy Metal Removal
demineralized plant

Demineralized Plant

aquashakti - demineralized plant
Exporter Of Demineralization Plant – Mix Bed System, DM Plant Exporter, Waste Water Treatment Plant Offered By Aquashakti Water Solutions PVT. LTD., Ahmedabad
Brand: aquashakti - demineralized plant
Manufacturer: demineralized plant manufacturer, demineralized plant manufacturer in ahmedabad, demineralized plant manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - demineralized plant
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Aquashakti Water Solutions leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Demineralized Plant In ahmedabad. Demineralisation is the process of removing mineral salts from water by using the ion exchange process. With most natural water sources it is possible to use Demineralisation and produce water of a higher quality than conventional distillation.

Demineralized Plant

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Aquashakti Water Solutions Manufacture a Wide range of custom-built Demineralised Water plant [DM Plant] in India for industrial process water applications, with inherent design to conserve water, and save costs. The DM Plants [Demineralisation Plants] are available in different sizes and materials, manually operated or fully Automatic, & ready to install & are available as standard models or custom built versions for specific needs.

Operating Principale

A Typical two-bed Demineralised Water plant or DM Plant consists of FRP/MS Rubber lined Pressure vessels connected in series along with its internal fittings. The first unit consists of high capacity strongly acidic cation exchange resin, which converts positive ions of salt and replaces them with hydrogen ions to form respective acids, which are absorbed in next vessel by strongly basic anion exchange resin. The water obtained by this process shows conductivity less than 20 µ S / cm at 250 C and total dissolved solids less than 10 ppm.

Further high purity water can be achieved by Mixed Bed Deionisers, which are designed to produce high purity treated water. They can be used as polishing units after two bed DM Plant to obtain high purity water. Mixed Bed Deionisers are single column units, filled with strongly acidic cation and strongly basic anion exchange resins mixed together.

condensate polishing unit

Condensate Polishing Unit

aquashakti - condensate polishing unit
Manufacturer Of Condensate Polishing Unit - Mix Bed System, EDI System (Electrode Ionization), Water Treatment Plant, Drinking Water Plant Supplier in Gujarat
Brand: aquashakti - condensate polishing unit
Manufacturer: condensate polishing unit manufacturer, condensate polishing unit manufacturer in ahmedabad, condensate polishing unit manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - condensate polishing unit
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The Condensate Polishing Unit is used to remove corrosive impurities such as ´crud´. It is widely setup in super thermal power stations where it has the main objective of improving the boiler water quality. Some of the key benefits of the product include:

Condensate Polishing Unit

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Improvement in the quality of condensate and “cycle” clean up
Reduced blow down & make up requirements
Improvement in boiler water quality for drum type boilers
Quick start up and as a result, full load conditions are reached early giving economics
Orderly shutdown possible in case of condenser tube leak conditions
Improvement in quality of steam which results in enhanced turbine life

  Working of Condensate Polishing CPP

  • Removes TDS from Cooling Water ingress or from Make-Up Water
  • Removes Iron/ Copper Oxides to prevent Boiler Corrosion
  • Removes Silica from Make-Up water to prevent any deposition or corrosion in Turbine
  • Removes Weak Acids & Organics from Make-Up water or Boiler Additives
  • Reduces the consumption of Chemicals (Ammonia/ Ammine, etc.)
  • Reduces the Blow down Volume
mix bed system

Mix Bed System

aquashakti - mix bed system
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Exporter Of Mixed Bed System, DM Plant, Multi Grade Filter, MGF Filter, Mixed Bed System Suppliers In Ahmedabad
Brand: aquashakti - mix bed system
Manufacturer: mix bed system manufacturer, mix bed system manufacturer in ahmedabad, mix bed system manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - mix bed system
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Aquashakti Water Solution can design, manufacture and supply Demineralizers & Mixed Bed Units as per customer requirement. Mixed Bed Unit is a physical unit provided to remove TDS in the water by Ion Exchange method using both ANION & CATION resins, which effectively reduces the TDS in the Water. This unit needs regular regeneration.

Mix Bed System

We offer combination of RO System and MB System to provide low conductivity water required for boiler feed and other industrial applications.

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