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aquashakti - pouch packing machine
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Supplier Of Pouch Packing Machine, Mineral Water Plant, Revers Osmosis Plants, Effluent Treatment Plant In India
Brand: aquashakti - pouch packing machine
Manufacturer: pouch packing machine manufacturer, pouch packing machine manufacturer in ahmedabad, pouch packing machine manufacturer in gujarat
Model: aquashakti - pouch packing machine
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Production Speed 3000 pouches / Hour
Machine Control system Solid state electronic control system.
Packing range 100 – 500 ml.
Power Consumption 1.2 kW / Hour.
Cooling Water requirement No cooling water requires.
Machine Dimensions 1900 (H) x 700 (W) x 910 (Depth) mm.
Net Weight 300 KGS (Approx)
Type of Machine Single & Double Head Machine
Pouch Style Center sealed Pillow type.
UV Light Provided
Filling Accuracy +/- 1 – 3 ml.
Film Width up to 225 – 325 mm.
Inner Core Dia. of Film Roll 70 mm.
Outer Dia. of the film Roll up to 350 mm.
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