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Ultra Filtration System


Water is a limited source and is necessary for the preservation of human life and financial growth.

The essential challenges of today are to make sure cost effective process and recycling processes for surface water and wastewater.

UF Membrane technology solves this requirement by being an innovative and better technology. Today membranes technology are successfully used in the treatment of municipal and industrial waste water as well as for the production of drinking and process water from surface water.

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Ultrafiltration is based on Hollow fiber membrane technology, consisting of numerous membrane modules that efficiently remove a wide range of microscopic particles, colloidal material and pathogens, as well as viruses and bacteria.

AQUASHAKTI offers a wide product range , such as using spiral wound modules, hollow fiber and tubular membrane modules in our Ultrafiltration system.

  • Effluent treatment after biological treatment
  • Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (sea water desalination and boiler feed water)
  • Stormwater management
  • Cooling tower water filtration
  • Sterilized filtration of industrial water for the food industry
  • Borewell water treatment
  • Surface water filtration
  • Drinking water filtration
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