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Renowned among the best in the industry, we indulge us in manufacturing and supplies of an amazing range of Wastewater Treatment Plant with Attached Bio-growth under our Wastewater Treatment Plant. These Machines as manufactured using latest technology are imparted with assured durability. The factory fitted and tested system along with semi / Automatic control panel includes full process Monitoring and data logging functions. Full telemetry including remote control is available as an option. The Bio-Accelerator is designed to require minimal operator supervision making it ideal for installation in remote locations. Priced very competitively, the quality of these machines proves a delight to our clients.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

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    Sewage treatment plant is a fully/Semi Automated wastewater treatment system incorporating the following process stages:

  • Inlet screening
  • Primary / Anoxic tank – DE nitrification (Optional)
  • Aeration Tank with UV resistance bio media.
  • Secondary Settling Tank with PP tube media.
  • Chlorine Contact tank
  • RAS and sludge removal
  • Tertiary Treatment for polishing


  • Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are ideal for the following applications:
  • Housing Project.
  • Schools & hostels.
  • Industrial Office & Parks.
  • Recreational camps & travels trailer parks.
  • Shopping Centers.
  • Restaurants.
  • Resorts, Golf Courses and country clubs.
  • Hospitals
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