Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

aquashakti - zero liquid discharge plant
Aquashakti Water Solutions – Manufacturer And Supplier Of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant, ZLD Plant, Zero Liquid Discharge Plant Exporters In Ahmedabad, India
Brand: aquashakti - zero liquid discharge plant
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Model: aquashakti - zero liquid discharge plant
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Brine treatment and wastewater discharge is a challenge for many industries and needs to be done safely while meeting environmental regulations. But the ideal situation is ZLD (zero liquid discharge), a complete closed loop cycle where discharge is eliminated.

Aquashakti particularly in the oil & gas and power industries, to create and achieve a Zero Liquid Discharge plant that meets water reuse targets. Our ZLD solutions minimize the cost of disposal and environmental impact and extract the maximum possible economic value from the effluent. They are applicable for industrial plant effluent treatment, wastewater reclamation and industrial recycling applications.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant
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Key benefits of Aquashakti´s ZLD systems

  • Recovers valuable ingredients from effluent wastewater
  • Reduces process water disposal cost
  • Meets environmental permit targets
  • Reliable and robust solutions allows focus on main production business
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